Why Choose Kirton Physiotherapy

When you begin treatment with Kirton Physiotherapy we take every step possible to ensure you're feeling comfortable and at ease. Any treatment can feel daunting, however, we are experts in our field and will help you with your injury through careful rehabilitation, precise methods and techniques as well as honest and reassurance.



With over 25 years experience we can provide you with the best possible treatment available. We use modern techniques and innovations to ensure your treatment is the best it can possibly be. Whether you need muscular pain relief of joint mobility, we can help.


We can advise you on the best way to approach your recover from your injury.


We will develop a rehabilitation programme for you to enable you regain strength and mobility.


We can devise the best approach to retraining so you can get back to normality.


Care & Attention

We pride ourselves on taking particular care and attention of all our clients. We are sympathetic towards your circumstances and are here to help in any way we can. You can contact us at anytime to discuss your condition. We will provide you with the advice and reassurance you need.


We have a vast amount of experience which helps us deliver progressive results.


Our approach is born out of intellect and practicality. We are though leaders & innovators.


Our expertise is second-to-none and provides our patients with a high level of assurance.



We believe in building relationships with our clients. With this in mind we offer as much support as possible during treatment and after you leave us. We like to follow up with all our clients to see how they are coping with the treatment plan we have developed for them.


There is a methodology to what we do and we deliver this in a methodical way.


We complete annual training courses to ensure we are using the latest advances in physiotherapy.


We take a hands-on approach to our treatment and will support you every step of the way.


Ongoing Aftercare

We offer an ongoing care service plan which enables you to continue using us to ensure your injury doesn't re-occur and you are confident in mind and body about moving forward and trusting your treatment has worked for you.