Our Approach

At Kirton Physiotherapy, our aim is to define the cause of your problem, because if we only treat the symptoms of your injury, often those symptoms will re-occur. Through exercise prescription, we can assist you to self manage your injury so you know what to do if the pain does become re-aggravated. We work hard to return you to full fitness and in most cases this is better, fitter and more efficient than you were to begin with.

We work using a hands-on approach with joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage, acupuncture for pain relief and muscle relaxation, cupping for myofascial release and electrotherapy for reduction of inflammation. However, a lot can be ascertained through observing how you are at rest and during movement. Using normal movement patterns we will make you more efficient by strengthening weak areas, ensuring correct muscle firing and recruitment. Over compensation for weakness can lead to pain on your good side!

We like you to reach your full potential, fighting fit you might say, fit for purpose, so you are fully prepared for what life throws at you. Whether it's playing football with your grandchildren, hiking Ten Tors or Duke of Edinburgh or representing your country internationally, we'll keep you on track and able to achieve your fitness and life goals.

What to Expect

You will be asked many questions to begin with to ascertain the biomechanics of the injury. How it happened? What are your pain's 'aggravating and easing' factors? We work using a hands-on approach so with your permission you can expect to be physically assessed through touch.

You may be asked to remove items of clothing so as the joints and muscles are visible. Please wear shorts for lower limb assessments (groin,hip,knee,shin,ankle or foot).

The areas above and below the injury will be examined as we need to see how you move actively and passively. We will assess the whole limb as some problems are not necessarily located at the point of pain.

Unique Selling Points

At Kirton Physiotherapy, we offer our clients unique opportunities that help the process of rehabilitation:

  • + You can 'self refer' to Kirton Physiotherapy, through your GP or Consultant
  • + We are a member of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists
  • + Trained since 2007 with Lynn Pearce and taught in the Western style approach for pain relief and muscle/general relaxation
  • + Continuous Professional Development: 10 hours every 2 years to maintain high professional standards and to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and research

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